HTC Rhyme Looks ‘Blissfully’ FamiliarHTC , cheap phones , mobile phone upgrades

Fresh from the German gadget portal HTCInside is a leaked product shot of the HTCRhyme (codenamed Bliss), the first Android phone from the Taiwanese smartphone giant aimed at the girl about town.

Lots has been written about the phone’s possible features already ranging from the preloaded calorie counting and shopping apps to a Bluetooth charm (included as standard) that you attach on to your handbag which then glows to alert you of an incoming call.

The colour scheme we see in this shot however seems to have changed to a more sensible two tone white-grey from the sea green exterior shell depicted in early images. We’re not quite sure if this will be the final colourway however, but we suspect there will be multiple colour options at launch or further down the line.

Specification wise, the Rhyme is a good mid-tier device with a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, 768MB of RAM, a five megapixel camera that also shoots HD video at 720p and an FM radio. There’s been no word yet on whether it will feature Beats technology, but there’s as good a chance as any in light of the recent unveiling of the Sensation XE.

As you can see on the 3.7-inch Super LCD WVGA resolution display the date displayed is, rather tellingly, Tuesday 20 September, so it’s pretty much a given that this phone will be announced at HTC’s New York event next week!

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